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This smile makeover testimonial explains how Dr. Degel helped one man achieve a new smile. Dr. Degel was able to use advanced technology to show the patient a preview of how his smile would look, and within three visits, his smile was complete. Dr. Degel values patient comfort, and he was able to provide this transformation pain-free.

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Female: Our five-star reviews are our pride and joy because they let us know that we're doing a great job. And today, we appreciate the chance to share one of our favorites with you. Have a look. Male: This review from a Google user, "I went to Astoria Dental Group because I didn't like my smile. Dr. Degel took care of me. He showed me what my new smile would look like and in only three visits, it was done, pain-free." Female: So whether you're somebody brand new or you've been through our doors before, we would like the chance to make you happy. So why wait? Contact us today at the number on your screen. We look forward to serving you. Thanks for watching.
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