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If you have missing teeth, you understand the negative impact that can have on your life. In this clip, cosmetic dentist Dr. Clifford Degel explains the dental implants procedure, how it has changed over the years, and the different types of implants available. The impact dental implants can have on your life can be life changing.

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Male Voice: If you one of the millions of Americans who are missing teeth, then you understand the problems that can cause. Dental implants are making a big difference in the life of many people and helping them smile again with confident. To learn more, we spoke with Drs. Clifford Degel and Carmen Every-Degel of the Astoria Dental Group who were featured in Vogue as the best of the “Tri-State Area” and named “America’s Top Dentist”. Dr. Clifford E. Degel: Most people who today are missing teeth due to periodontal disease as well decay as well as neglect. People need to come in and see the dentist at least twice a year. If they do that, they will keep there teeth a lot longer. Implant has been around for about 20 years now. We have conventional implants which are the wider type implant which can support single teeth. The newer implants today called the mini implants which can support dentures. Male Voice: Dental implants surgery has become simpler, more predictable, and quicker. Dr. Clifford E. Degel: Well, the procedure has changed greatly over the years. Today we use what we call punch surgery where we minimize the amount of the pain for the patient a lot less traumatic. There is no sutures, no bleeding, most patient can go back to work the next day. Well, mini implant is basically who is dentures. Most patients that have dentures compliant about the lower dentures moving constantly when they’re eating or when they’re talking. Mini implants anger the denture to the bone, so the patient can chew and speak properly. Male Voice: Astoria Dental Group, advancing the art of beautiful smiles through modern dental technology and artistic vision.
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