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John talks about how Invisalign® almost seemed like a procedure that "was almost too easy." Cosmetic dentist Dr. Every handled John's procedure at our Queen area practice. John was very surprised to find out how painless the Invisalign® process is and how easy having Invisalign® is compared to traditional braces .

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I came here. I had some work done and I started talking to Dr. Every about having some corrections done. I had braces when I was younger but over time my teeth, I was not happy with them. They did need some correction and we talked at length and she told me about Invisalign and it sounded like a good program and I was very happy with the work she had done. She fixed my fillings, did some other stuff, and from there we moved ahead and I knew it would be tough. I was a little skeptical at first because it almost seemed too easy, and I tell you I am definitely a believer, I mean, I have had other things done, like I had LASIK and I would attribute it to like that. It was almost that painless, it was really. I came in, I got the mold set, came back for a followup visit where I started with the retainers and then it was they give you like a six-week supply, every two weeks you change them, and it really was surprisingly painless process because in my field you have to speak and braces and stuff was just not going to happen and it worked out amazingly well. I could not believe the difference and it was very convenient given the fact that you take them out to eat. I actually lost a few pounds because I was not snacking as much because I did not feel like taking them out half the time. I was like I will just leave them in, I would not have the candy bars. I was surprised, like I remember when I had braces, you know, your mouth gets cut off and that they are very troublesome to brush your teeth afterwards, and with these, they come out, you can clean them, brush your teeth, and go on with your day. I noticed little to no problem speaking and I would say almost nobody, unless I told them, noticed I was even wearing them. I even wore them at work and places like that and nobody picked up on it.

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