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At our Queen area practice, Invisalign® dentist Dr. Carmen Every-Degel is one of the country’s top Invisalign® Certified Dentists. In this clip, Dr. Every explains how the Invisalign® trays are created.

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When a patient comes in for Invisalign, we will, after all fillings, cleanings, and all that is done, we do what is called the set-up appointment. At that appointment, we will take these very precise impressions and sometimes that needs to be done more than once to get this very accurate impression because from these impressions they will then scan them to make these custom aligners for the patient. So after about three to four weeks, I will get the patient back in and that patient will come in and see their ClinCheck that is on the computer. They will see what their teeth look like today and what their teeth might become into. Most of my patients will accept that and then it will take anywhere from one to three weeks to make these aligners. Once the aligners are in, sometimes we have to do attachments, which are added on to the teeth or bonded to the teeth, but we remove them at the end. We need them to rotate sometimes. You cannot see them. We will put those in. The patient will put the first aligners in. We will give them their second aligners to change into in two weeks and then I see them every four weeks, and depending on the treatment, we have patients in treatment for anywhere from four months, anywhere from about 18 months for the extreme cases because I have done some very extreme cases as well.
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