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Invisalign® is an increasingly popular option for patients with crooked teeth. Invisalign® consists of clear aligners and are custom made. Invisalign® is ideal for people who don't want to wear conventional braces. Watch this clip and learn all about the many benefits of Invisalign®.

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Invisaligns are clear aligners. They are custom made. What we do is we look at what the patient's problem is. We then send these impressions to Invisalign and we then get that back on a computerized screen. It will show us what the beginning of your teeth are and what we want to accomplish with that. So, it is a great product that the patient can see before and after results and by wearing these custom-made aligners that the patient changes every two weeks, I usually see the patient every four weeks, because I give them usually two aligners at a time and that will eventually bring us into the final product. It takes away from wearing the conventional braces, the wires. It is not as traumatic. You know, I remember my days when I was wearing braces, I could not eat for days. It was horrible. My gums were bleeding. You know it was cutting my cheeks. You do not have that and if you have a special event, you know, you can take them out, I mean, you cannot do that with conventional braces. I have a lot of actors, actresses that still have to go to auditions but for them to get those better jobs or better shoots, you know, they need their teeth straight and then they cannot do that. You know, they have jobs or other things going on that prevent them from having, you know, the conventional braces, so that is, you know, right there, it is a great product for adults. I do not know any adult who wants to wear braces. Most of my patients who come here for the Invisalign is for that reason that they do not wear the wires, even the linguals, so it is just a great product. I have been involved with it for four years now and I just love it and my patients love it even more so.

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