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At Astoria Dental Group, Dr. Clifford Degel often uses dental implants to restore his patients’ smiles. In this clip, you can learn more about various treatment options that are available with dental implants.

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With dental implant, we can use an implant to replace a single tooth, which is by far probably one of the simplest procedures. The implant is placed. Today's implants, we use a lot of times is a one-piece implant. The implant has the post and a crown is made to go right on top of it, it just like you grew a new tooth. Other ways of using dental implant is to do crown and bridge where we place maybe six or seven implants and we build a bridge, which is permanently cemented and attached to those implant. This type of appliance of bridge, or a fixed bridge as we would call, is attached to your jawbone through the implant and it is not removable. Another option is where we use implants on what we call a fixed-removable appliance. That type of appliances, the implants are permanently attached to your bone, but the teeth actually snap on to the appliance, on to the implants through a bar or a different type of attachment. These are great alternatives for patients who have lost bone and lost a lot of teeth for a long period of time. The other techniques of using single tooth, multiple teeth, and dentures sums up about most of the cases for implants.
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