Bone Grafting


Bone grafting helps to preserve bone tissue after a tooth has been extracted. It also allows for quicker healing.

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One of the things here in Astoria Dental Group that we do for all our patients is that we offer, when we pull a tooth that I offer, bone grafting into the socket or the hole that the tooth has left. When you pull a tooth and you place the bone graft in, several things happen. The socket will heal twice as fast and the bone will stay and become more stable in the area, which will then allow you to place a dental implant. A lot of other practices are not doing this and what happens is the bone collapses and then patients come to me to ask to do implant and we have to go and do more aggressive bone grafting where we need to take bone from different sites and place it. If you are going to pull a tooth today, I would definitely recommend that you use bone grafting into the socket so that it gives you the option of doing dental implants later on.
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