Full Mouth Reconstruction


Full mouth reconstruction usually involves a combination of several procedures. One of the procedures that we use often for the full mouth reconstruction is dental implants which can be used to restore one tooth or several teeth. For patients who have problems chewing, this procedure is ideal.

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One of the things that we offer here at Astoria Dental Group is full mouth reconstruction. Usually a patient that comes to me in this type of situation cannot function properly when it comes to chewing. A lot of people forget that chewing is the first part of your digestive system and that it is important to get the proper nutrients and that is done by chewing the food properly so that the digestive system can break it down. When the patient comes to me for this, this has lots of things that are available to fix it. One of the things that we use a lot for that is implant. Implants can restore teeth in many different ways. It can restore one tooth and it can restore several teeth. Implants can be utilized to hold the denture in place, a lot of patients have dentures that are extremely loose, or we can put in enough implants where you totally eliminate the denture, give you a permanent set of real teeth again. One of the things that I tell patients who have dentures in your mouth, the best fitting denture is only 20 percent of the chewing capacity of what you had when you had all your teeth. With dental implants, we can get you back to a 100 percent of your chewing capacity and that is a dramatic, dramatic change in your life.
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