Fixing Gummy Smiles


This clip talks directly to patients who show a lot of pink gum when they smile. We can help by providing what we call a smile lift. By combining a laser gum lift and porcelain veneers, Dr. Degel can correct and makeover a gummy smile. Patients absolutely love it!

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One of the situations that we come upon for cosmetics is what we call gummy smile. These are individuals who when they smile, their teeth, they show a lot of the pink gum. One of the things that we do with porcelain veneers is that we can do a procedure called a smile lift. What we do is utilizing a laser, we gently trim the gums with the laser. It is painless. It takes one minute to do and it makes a tremendous difference because what we have done is when you smile you will not see as much of the pink or gingiva as you did previously and the porcelain veneers come out great and patients are very, very happy with that.
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