No More Anxiety


Dr. Degel's gentle manner helped Marie get over her fear of the dentist. As a result, she can handle any major dental work that might need to be done because of her confidence in Dr. Degel.

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Hi, my name is Marie. I started coming to this office because I broke my front tooth, the very front tooth. I remember being on my couch at night eating a nectarine and I was so upset, front tooth broke in half, and I looked in the phone book and I found Dr. Degel and it was a miracle. He just fixed it and I could not believe that I could smile again and you know, all through these years of my life, anytime I had anything wrong, cracked a tooth, I would get so upset that I could not sleep. But, since having coming to this office, Dr. Degel, I have so much confidence. When I sit in his chair, I know no matter how a major problem, and I have had a lot of major problems on my teeth, he would say we are going to handle it. I know we had to cut my gums one time and it really was, like he said, piece of cake, I did not feel anything, and sitting in his chair, I know the outcome was going to be great because I do not have that problem, I do not have that fear anymore. I used to think, you know, looking at the instruments and laying down, keeping my mouth open, but I know that I have such confidence in him alone because when I sit in his chair, the outcome is going to be fine.
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