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A smile makeover can dramatically improve your self-confidence. By using computer enhancement technology we can show our patients different options and create a treatment plan together. The end result can truly be life changing.

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One of the things that we do here at Astoria Dental Group is smile makeovers. Patients come to us and they do not know exactly what they want. They are looking to look better and we have the technology where we can take photographs of your smile and actually computer-enhance them showing them different options. We can make your teeth look like this, we can make your teeth look like that, and we will make suggestions with the patient altogether to come up with a plan and that way we then see that on a photo before we even go forward. Once the patient has approved it and likes it, we can then achieve that for them. Here at Astoria Dental Group, we do change people's lives. A patient came to me at Astoria. She came into the office. She was very shy. Her mouth was always covered with a hand and she was in desperate need of help. We were able to achieve that through dental implants and cosmetics and we gave her a beautiful smile. When she was completed, she came back to me several weeks later and she sat down in the chair and I looked at her and she started crying and I said what is wrong. She said, “I went to dinner last night.” and I said, “Did something happen?” and she actually said, “No, I went to dinner, doc. You do not understand. I have not been able to go out in public and have a dinner with friends for over 15 years because I was too petrified that my teeth would fall out of my mouth and I cannot tell you how much I feel today and how grateful I am for the teeth that you have given me and my smile. You have given me back my social life.”
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