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Dr. Degel explains what makes the Astoria Dental Group unique. We are convenient to Manhattan and to the train, as we are just a couple of blocks down from the N train right on Broadway. We have a wonderful reception area, the latest technology, and an on-site lab which can help speed up the dental process for our patients. Watch this clip and see what else sets us apart!

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Here at Astoria Dental Group, one of the benefits of why we chose this location is that we are convenient to Manhattan as well as to the train, we are two blocks down from the N Train right on Broadway. As you come into the practice, you will see there is a big awning that names us, Astoria Dental Group, and you come upstairs to our practice. We have a nice reception area where you will be greeted by our friendly staff. You will then be escorted back to our treatment facility where there are several operatories, again where they have the latest technology, computer screens, DVD players, and massaging chairs to make your appointment as relaxing as possible. We have the laboratory on-site, which gives us great convenience for speed of things. We can customize everything to your liking. The lab technician actually will come into the room with me and look at things and we can decide together as a team between the patient, myself, and the technician what will work best for that patient and that is a great convenience.
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