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Marie explains why she trusts Dr. Degel to work on her teeth. For Marie, Dr. Degel’s warmth and professionalism are just two of the things that set him apart as a dentist.

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I do have complete trust in Dr. Degel. You know, there is a feeling of going to a doctor or going to a dentist and not feeling confident, but I feel I trust him and he will say, “Well, Marie you could do it A, B, or C, it is up to you”. So, immediately I have a choice. He gives me a choice and the trust that I have, you know, I never had that confidence because anywhere I go, you know, in life things happen with your teeth and I had a lot of problems. I will come to the office and he will check it out and it is never a severe problem like it cannot be done. He is so confident. He is so sure and I am so sure of him that I could tell people really, even friends that I have never seen anybody that could really work the way he does. I mean, in his office, his assistants, I get along with them so nice. They make me feel very comfortable and they really do. I remember thinking “Oh” when he has to pull a tooth. You know, the fear I would feel inside, but once I got in the chair, I am with a professional. He is a professional man. I mean, he really is and I think whoever trained him must have trained him very well because he does marvelous jobs. You know, he did it on me; I mean, I am a perfect example. He is just, you know, too good to be true.
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