Traditional Dentures: A Cost-Effective Restoration for Extensive Tooth Loss 

Tooth loss affects millions of Americans and can dramatically limit your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. At Astoria Dental Group in Queens, NYDr. Clifford Degel and Dr. Carmel Every-Degel can help you improve your oral function by designing, creating, and delivering custom traditional dentures.

While implant-supported dentures offer more natural results and stability, traditional dentures are a great alternative for those who want a more cost-effective solution with a shorter treatment time. Our practice is also equipped with an in-house dental laboratory, which allows us to create your final restoration in less time than other facilities. 

Why Missing Teeth Matter

Extensive tooth loss is a widespread oral health issue. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, nearly 4 percent of adults nationwide have no remaining teeth. The risk of major tooth loss increases as you get older and adults aged 50 to 64 only have an average of 22 of their 32 remaining teeth left.

Extensive tooth loss does not only affect your self-confidence, but can also affect your nutrition, speech patterns, and oral health. If you have major tooth loss and struggle with daily tasks as a result, dentures serve as an affordable way to dramatically transform your quality of life. 

A person crafting a pair of dentures

We create your custom dentures at our office to reduce the time you have to wait for your final restoration. 

The Treatment Process 

To ensure your dentures look and feel natural, we will typically complete your treatment over a series of appointments. 

Initial Consultation

During your consultation, we will assess your oral health and determine whether you need periodontal treatment, extractions, or any other treatment prior to receiving dentures. We will also gather impressions of your smile to carefully design a custom restoration that blends in seamlessly with your facial features. Our office is equipped with SmilePix technology, which allows you to digitally "try-on" your dentures prior to undergoing treatment. 

If you are unsure which tooth replacement option is right for you, our doctors can help you determine which type of restoration suits your budget, number of missing teeth, and long-term goals during your consultation. 


In order to ensure that your dentures fit and feel comfortable, we will schedule several fittings to make functional and cosmetic adjustments as necessary. 

Final Restoration 

When you are satisfied with the function and aesthetics of your dentures, you can begin enjoying your favorite foods, improved speech, and a natural-looking smile. With proper care and regular dental visits, many patients enjoy their dentures for up to 10 years. 

What Sets Our Office Apart 

One of the unique features of Astoria Dental Group is our in-house laboratory. While many dentists refer their restorative work to an outside lab, we are able to craft many restorations on-site. This eliminates weeks of waiting and helps you save on laboratory costs. Using our own lab also ensures accuracy and close color-matching, as our team can make any necessary adjustments on-site rather than sending your case back to the lab. Additionally, we offer denture repairs and relines. Closely caring for your dentures can extend their lifetime, but we also provide a quick turnaround on repairs in the event of an accident. 

Discuss Your Options with a Dentist

If you are unsure which tooth replacement option is right for you, our doctors can help you determine which type of restoration suits your budget, number of missing teeth, and long-term goals during your consultation. We offer flexible financing options, diverse treatment options, and state-of-the-art care all in one office. Schedule a consultation with one of our doctors by calling (718) 278-1123 or contacting us online

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