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Same-Day Restoration of Dental Implant Candidates

Thanks to dental implants, people who are missing a tooth or many teeth are able to experience dramatic restoration of their smile as well as their ability to bite and chew. Dental implants are stable, secure artificial tooth roots that can anchor dentures and individual crowns in place. Dr. Clifford Degel and Dr. Carmen Every-Degel have used dental implants to enhance the lives of patients in QueensLong Island, and throughout NYC.

Yet sometimes there are faster tooth loss treatments than dental implants, which can prove just as effective. With that in mind, the team at Astoria Dental Group would like to discuss the Mini Drive-Lock™ (MDL) system and if it’s right for you.

About the Mini Drive-Lock (MDL) Dental System

The MDL system refers to the use of mini dental implants to support restorations. These mini dental implants can be anchored in place without the need for a complicated surgical procedure. Once in place, a denture can snap onto these mini dental implants for immediate use.

To improve the results of the MDL system, we use SimPlant™ imaging. Using a CT scan of a patient’s mouth, SimPlant creates a detailed picture of the structures that are in place. This helps us plan treatment and precisely position traditional dental implants and mini dental implants for the most ideal stability possible.

The Benefits of the MDL System

The key benefits of the MDL system include:

  • A restored bite and smile in just one visit
  • No need for a months-long recovery process
  • Stability from mini dental implants similar to traditional dental implants
  • Excellent smile aesthetics
  • Stable bite and good overall bite strength

Ideal Candidates for the MDL System

Ideal candidates for the MDL:

  • Would like to have a fully restored smile in just a single dental visit
  • Have sufficient jawbone structure in place and have not suffered from severe bone loss
  • Have healthy gum tissue in place that is unaffected by periodontal disease or recession
  • Are willing to avoid the use of tobacco products in order to ensure successful treatment and healthy dental implants
  • Understand the risks and benefits involved when mini dental implants are in place

During your visit to the practice, we can go over additional requirements for candidacy. We’ll note the current condition of your jawbone and gum tissue, and help you get the right treatment for your missing teeth.

Alternatives to the MDL System

If you are not an ideal candidate for the MDL system, we can discuss traditional dental implant treatment in greater detail. The traditional dental implant process may take longer, but it will be more likely to yield good outcomes.

If even traditional dental implants do not seem like an ideal option, we can discuss the use of normal dentures and bridges. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to have a healthy smile.

Contact Astoria Dental Group

For more information about dental implants and how they can help you experience better dental health and wellness, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic and restorative dentist. You can reach Astoria Dental Group by phone at (718) 710-4134.

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