Dental Implants: The Ultimate Solution for Missing Teeth

For our patients who are missing one or more teeth, dental implants can restore the ability to chew and smile with confidence. Dr. Clifford Degel is widely sought after for the placement of dental implants at his Queens, NY, practice, and for his expertise as an implant dentist. He excels at both standard and immediate implant placement. Together with Dr. Carmen Every-Degel, he can complete your implant treatment from start to finish with a stunning, lifelike permanent restoration. 

Dr. Degel is one of the leading dentistry specialists in the area, and our practice features the latest and most advanced dental implant technology.

How Dental Implants Can Transform Your Life

Barbara Wilson says she feels fantastic after having her smile renovated with dental implants and a fixed bridge. She originally had implants installed by a different dentist and was unhappy with the results. That is when she turned to the smile specialists at Astoria Dental Group. Not only did Dr. Degel restore Barbara's smile, he helped her recapture her confidence.

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Why Are Dental Implants the Gold Standard?

The loss of even one tooth can seriously impact both the function of your bite and your confidence in your appearance. Adjacent teeth can be compromised by the gap left by a missing tooth, shifting position or becoming more vulnerable to chips and cracking.


A chart explaining what dental implants can be used for


For our patients from Queens, Long Island, and throughout New York City, dental implants offer a permanent and proven solution to missing teeth. The implant process involves attaching a custom-made, artificial tooth to an anchor post surgically implanted in the jawbone. This post integrates into the bone, providing a firm anchor on which natural-looking, custom-made restorations can be placed.

Real Patients, Real Results

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The Plentiful Benefits
of Implants 

Dental implants have several proven benefits, including: 

  • Dental implant restorations never decay.
  • Dental implants prevent the side effects of tooth loss - namely, gum recession, bone loss, and speech difficulties.
  • Dental implants restore proper chewing and the full strength of your bite.
  • Dental implants are comfortable and convenient.
  • Unlike other dental restorations such as bridges, dental implants do not require the grinding down of the teeth on each side of the gap.
  • Dental implants can make dentures secure and reliable - say goodbye to messy adhesives and slipping, uncomfortable dentures!
  • Because dental implants prevent bone loss, they preserve the appearance of your face and prevent sunken cheeks.
  • Thanks to immediate dental implant technology, Dr. Degel may be able to place your implants the same day as your extraction!

Even with all of their advantages, patients should consider the risks associated with dental implants as well. All types of oral surgery carry rare, yet serious, risks including excessive bleeding, infection, and more. Our team will educate you on the risks and benefits of dental implants, including your healing and recovery after your surgery and what you need to know before your procedure.

Of all dental restoration solutions, dental implants have the highest rate of success. They look, feel, and function just like real teeth, and can last a lifetime with proper care.

How it Works

The dental implant process involves the placement of the small titanium post, and then the attachment of a restoration, such as a dental crown.

What to Expect During the Process

Determining whether or not dental implants are appropriate for you, and choosing which type of implant is right for you, is highly dependent upon your needs and the condition of your jawbone. Not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants because some people don't have adequate bone structure to support the implants. However, bone grafting allows more patients to enjoy the convenience and strength of these dental restorations.

A chart showing the dental implant process

Timeline is Representative of the Traditional Implant Process

During your initial visit to our Queens office for a dental implants consultation, Dr. Degel will evaluate your bone and gum health to determine whether you are a good candidate for implants, including immediate dental implants. If dental implants are the right option for you, Dr. Degel will walk you through every step of the dental implant process, from initial planning to the final, permanent restoration. We can even perform a dental implant restoration on work that has been previously done.

Immediate Dental Implants Using the Mini Drive-Lock System

Astoria Dental Group is among the first implant dentists to offer patients from throughout Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island the option of immediate dental implants using the Mini Drive-Lock(MDL) Dental System.

Using the MDL system, your dentures can be made more secure than ever, and the implant procedure can usually be accomplished in a single visit.

The key to the MDL system is a miniature implant that can be placed in the jaw without complicated oral surgery. Using only a local anesthetic, we can secure the implant in the bone. Because of the bone's elastic nature, it will immediately hold the small implants in place. We then fit your dentures with receptacles that will allow you to snap them into place over the dental implants. Your dentures will remain firmly in place until you decide to remove them. You'll never have to depend on messy, unreliable adhesives again.


There is no better than Astoria Dental. Dr Degel is top notch, and his staff is wonderful. I traveled from Glen Cove Long Island to have my implants done in Queens and it was well worth the travels. Thanks to the entire staff not only for my new smile but the ability to eat just about anything again.

- Rocco Basile

Implants in a Day Using the SimPlant System

The SimPlant system uses a CT scan of your skull to create a highly detailed image of your mouth that shows the condition of your jawbone and the optimal sites for dental implants. The patient can have this CT scan taken anywhere in the world, and the digital image can be e-mailed to our Queens-area implant dentist.

You can get a new smile in just one day using a digitalized, streamlined process!

Using the CT scan image, the SimPlant Software makes a duplicate of the patient’s skull, creating a template to guide the proper placement of the dental implants. Using this guide, Dr. Degel secures the implant posts and crowns and uses BOTOX® Therapeutic to reduce the amount of stress placed on the new implant. By combining the SimPlant system with MDL miniature implants, dentures can be secured in one day - you can walk away with a beautiful, functional smile!

Transform the Look and Feel of Your Smile

Choosing an implant dentist is the most important decision you can make regarding the success of your treatment. As leading implant dentistry specialists in the area, our doctors provide some of the latest and most advanced dental implant technology. To start the dental implant process, we encourage you to contact Astoria Dental Group online. You can also call our office at (718) 278-1123.

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