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Fixed Dentures Offer Better Support for Complete Tooth Loss

Any degree of tooth loss negatively impacts the smile, but when an entire arch of teeth is lost, the effects are truly devastating. Missing teeth detract from the beauty of the smile and make it difficult to bite, chew, or speak.

The most effective restoration for a missing arch of teeth is dentures. However, many people are concerned about the strength and stability of dentures. Fortunately, at Astoria Dental Group in Queens, NY, patients can get fixed dentures, which are secured to dental implants. Dental implants provide dental restorations with a stable and durable foundation that acts like the natural tooth roots. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We serve patients in Long Island, NYC, and surrounding areas.

What Are Fixed Dentures?

If an entire arch of teeth are missing or become damaged beyond repair, the only practical solution is dentures. Dentures are one solid restoration that can be fabricated to replace an entire arch of teeth. Traditionally, dentures sit over the gums and create a suction that holds them in place. While dentures are designed to fit comfortably and securely, there is always a risk that they will slip or shift, especially while a person is eating.

Fixed dentures offer the next level of treatment for an arch of missing teeth. Like traditional dentures, a full set of fixed dentures replicates an entire arch of missing teeth. However, fixed dentures are supported by dental implants, which are surgically placed in the jaw. Dental implants hold dentures in place so that they are not removable, and will never slip, shift, or fall out.

The Treatment Process

Dental implant treatment usually takes place in four stages. The first stage of treatment is a surgical procedure that involves the placement of the implants themselves. During this procedure, we will open the gum tissues and place small titanium screws into the jawbone. Depending on the specific treatment plan, between four and six implants will need to be placed to support a full arch restoration.

After the implants are in place, our Long Island patients can anticipate a lengthy recovery. The implants need time to fuse with the tissues of the jawbone. This process, called osseointegration, is necessary for dental implant treatment to be a success.

After the tissues have healed and the implants have fused with the jaw, we will attach abutments to the implants. Abutments are small metal posts that protrude from the gum line to secure dental restorations. During this procedure, small incisions will be made in the gums above the dental implants. Abutments will be put in place and incisions will be closed so the gums can heal.

The final stage of dental implant treatment is the placement of the restorations. For full arch restoration, a full set of dentures will be bonded to dental implants. We use a dental compound to attach dentures to the abutments. The dental compound is hardened with a light that completes the bonding process so that fixed dentures are held firmly in place.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Fixed dentures with dental implants offer numerous benefits to our patients:

  • Dental implants can last a lifetime
  • Fixed dentures can be cared for like the natural teeth
  • Patients can eat all their favorite foods with fixed dentures
  • Dental implants offer superior comfort and stability
  • Dental implants stimulate jaw tissues to prevent bone loss

Contact Us

Fixed dentures offer the strongest and most durable solution for individuals who have lost an entire arch of teeth. If you would like to find out if dental implant treatment is right for you, send us a message at your earliest convenience, or call (718) 215-0510 to schedule an appointment with one of the experienced dentists at Astoria Dental Group. We serve patients in Queens, Long Island, and NYC.

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