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Exploring the Benefits of SimPlant

To place dental implants in the past, doctors would use two-dimensional x-rays to determine where the posts should be positioned within the jawbone. But these images could only display limited information. Even doctors with impeccable skill and knowledge had to incorporate a fair amount of guesswork when planning for surgery. Oftentimes, it would be difficult to fully visualize the patients’ anatomy until the procedure was well underway. Today, advances in dental technology allow doctors to virtually plan every step of your treatment before your surgery even begins. The benefits of SimPlant® make it especially useful and the doctors at Astoria Dental Group in Queens, NY, use this tool to provide more accurate and comfortable care.

What is SimPlant?

SimPlant is a type of software program that aids your doctor in performing guided implant surgery. Using a combination of 3-D cone beam scans and digital impressions, we can create a custom guide specifically designed for your anatomy. This guide will fit snugly over your dental arch, showing the doctor precisely where to place your implant posts.

Unparalleled Precision and Accuracy

It is not difficult to understand why accuracy and precision are vital to surgical procedures. But why is the exact placement of dental implants so important? If the implant is just placed a few millimeters off, it can compromise healthy bone or interfere with other structures. For example, the lower jaw contains mandibular nerves. Damage to these nerves could result in lifelong numbness to the chin and lower lip. Additionally, the upper jaw is quite close to the maxillary sinuses. If an implant penetrates the sinus membrane, it can cause complications such as infections.

These are not the only reasons exact placement is so crucial. The implant must be placed at an appropriate angle so that once the restoration is attached, it also facilitates proper chewing function.

Virtual Treatment Planning

When your doctor uses SimPlant, they can virtually place your implants using innovative software. The radiographic images provided by the system will show the doctor the exact height, width, and density of the jawbone. This means your doctor can recommend the best diameter, length, and type of implant.

More Comfortable and Convenient for the Patient

The process used to fabricate the surgical guide is simple and non-invasive. A 3-D cone beam x-ray will be taken, followed by digital impressions. The image files are then sent to the dental lab for the creation of your surgical guide.

Use of the surgical guide during your procedure can also make your treatment less invasive. Because your doctor will already know where your implants will be placed, the incisions will disturb as little healthy tissue as possible. This means more comfortable healing and a swift recovery.

Immediate Digital Record-Keeping

Because SimPlant uses digital technology, your clinical notes, radiographs, and impressions can be easily shared with your entire dental team instantaneously. By doing so, every team member will remain informed on the specifics of your case.

Learn More about SimPlant

If you are considering dental implants for teeth replacement, ask your doctor if SimPlant could enhance your treatment. To learn more about how we use this technology in our office, schedule a consultation with Dr. Clifford Degel by using our online contact form.

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