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Treatment for a Jutted Tooth Can Improve Your Smile

Dr. Degel Jul 12, 2017

Our doctors at Astoria Dental Group provide treatment for a jutted tooth through a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Treatments for a Twisted Tooth

Dr. Degel Jun 22, 2017

A single twisted tooth can lead to serious problems with dental alignment and aesthetics. Let's consider orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry treatment options.

The Different Stages of Gum Disease

Dr. Degel Jun 11, 2017

There are three different stages of gum disease. Let's discuss how these periodontal problems can be properly treated and prevented.

Understanding the Stages of Tooth Decay

Dr. Degel May 22, 2017

At Astoria Dental Group, we can explain the stages of tooth decay so that you can more accurately identify dental problems early on.

The Genetic Factor behind Poor Gum Health

Dr. Degel May 11, 2017

If you practice excellent oral hygiene yet find yourself faced with poor gum health, you may be genetically predisposed to periodontal disease.

The Link between Medications and Poor Gum Health

Dr. Degel Apr 22, 2017

At Astoria Dental Group, our dentists educate patients on the link between medications and poor gum health so they can prevent and control gum disease.

Tongue Scraping: What Are the Benefits?

Dr. Degel Apr 11, 2017

Tongue scraping can help fight bad breath and give you a cleaner mouth. Let's go over the benefits of this oral hygiene practice.

Women’s Oral Health: Hormonal Fluctuations and Poor Gum Health

Dr. Degel Mar 22, 2017

At Astoria Dental Group, we explain the risk of hormonal fluctuations and poor gum health to women, especially those that are pregnant.

Dental Damage and Aggressive Tooth Brushing

Dr. Degel Mar 11, 2017

At Astoria Dental Group, we educate our patients on the dangers of dental damage from aggressive tooth brushing and offer tips to avoid serious complications.

How Fluoride Benefits Your Dental Health

Dr. Degel Feb 22, 2017

Fluoride has a number of benefits for dental health. Let's consider why this is such an important part of oral hygiene and healthy teeth.

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