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Can Vaping Affect My Oral Health?

Vaping didn’t turn out to be the safe alternative to cigarettes that many people originally thought it might be. And the potential harm of this habit may reach further than most of us still know. Here, we’ll help answer the question, “Can vaping affect my oral health?” Let Astoria Dental Group in QueensNY, clear the air about how those candy-flavored clouds might be affecting your smile. And if it has been more than six months since your last dental visit, get in touch with our Queens-area dental office today.

Beyond Your Heart and Lungs

Many people followed the vaping craze, emboldened by the idea that it was a fun, flamboyantly flavored way to catch a nicotine buzz without lighting up a cigarette. Unfortunately, vaping is not doing your heart or your lungs any favors. Your mouth is the gateway to the body, and vaping is bringing in unhealthy toxins. 

Nicotine in any form affects blood flow. According to the American Heart Association, when you vape, nicotine is restricting blood flow to your gums, which increases your risk of developing periodontal disease. Those who vape must keep in mind that strong evidence suggests that gum disease increases your risk of heart disease and even dementia

The Dangers of Flavored Nicotine Vapor 

Vape juice can be infused with flavors other than just nicotine—cotton candy, espresso, pineapple, and virtually any other variety you can imagine. Of course, one of the very ugly downsides of this feature is that it attracts many kids to pick up the habit. 

Whether you’re a high schooler or an adult, our Queens dental practice wants you to understand that studies are showing that it’s placing you at an increased risk of tooth decay. In 2018, researchers found evidence suggesting that flavored nicotine vapor increased the adhesion of bacteria to teeth, with effects that aren’t that different from drinking sugary soda and eating sweets. 

Contact Astoria Dental Group

If you like to vape, we hope you will consider breaking the habit not only for your overall health, but for the sake of your smile. And if it has been more than six months since your last dental visit, get in touch with our Queens dentistry office. We are here to help you achieve and maintain an attractive, healthy smile. Send us a message to schedule your appointment today. 

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