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Sedation Dentistry for Teeth Cleanings

Regular dental exams and cleanings are essential to oral health. These routine check-ups clean the teeth of built-up plaque and tartar, and enable any dental complications to be diagnosed in their earliest stages, when they are easiest to treat. Despite the benefits of preventive dentistry services, some individuals neglect to schedule dental cleanings because they suffer from dental anxiety.

At Astoria Dental Group, which serves QueensNY, Long Island, NYC, and surrounding areas, we offer sedation dentistry for teeth cleaningsSedation dentistry puts patients into a relaxed state, so that they can receive dental care that is beneficial to oral health without struggling with excess stress or discomfort.

Candidates for Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry may be appropriate for any patient who has neglected the dental care they need because of dental anxiety or other conditions that make dental treatment more complex. Prior to administering sedation dentistry we must make sure it is a safe option for our patients. 

Our dentists consider a patient’s current medical state, as well as their medical history, to determine if sedation dentistry can be performed without any serious risk of complications. If a patient is deemed a suitable candidate for sedation dentistry, it may be appropriate for those who:

  • Suffer from severe anxiety and/or panic attacks over dental procedures
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Have difficulty staying still or suffer from medical conditions that cause unpredictable tremors or movements
  • Suffer from complex dental issues

How Is Sedation Dentistry Achieved?

At Astoria Dental Group we offer two forms of sedation dentistry: oral sedation and IV sedation.

  • Oral sedation – Oral sedation is administered in the form of a pill. Patients are prescribed the medication and are asked to take the pill at home, shortly before their teeth cleaning. Patients who use oral sedation will need to have a friend or family member drive them to and from their dental appointment, because sedation results can last a few hours.
  • IV sedation – IV sedation is injected directly into the bloodstream through an IV. IV sedation is often recommended for patients who have severe anxiety. To ensure our patient’s safety, we partner with a board-certified anesthesiologist to administer IV sedation. IV sedation results can last several hours, so patients will require a ride home from their dental appointment.

Effects of Sedation Dentistry 

It is not unusual for patients to have misconceptions about the effects of sedation dentistry. Many people are hesitant to look into sedation dentistry because they believe that it will put them into a state of unconsciousness. This is not the case. Sedation dentistry puts patients into a relaxed state, but it does not put them to sleep or put them into a state where they lack self-control.

While under the effects of sedation dentistry patients remain conscious. They should be able to answer questions and respond to basic instructions. The key effect of dental sedation is that it eases anxiety so that patients can undergo dental care without stress.

Contact Us

If a fear of the dentist has kept you from scheduling a routine teeth cleaning, you may be an ideal candidate for sedation dentistry. To learn more about this technique, and how it may benefit you, contact Astoria Dental Group online, or call (718) 215-0510 and request an appointment.

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