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Restore Your Smile with Partial Dentures

Missing teeth can have a profound effect beyond making it difficult to eat. Many people with missing teeth often live in discomfort and struggle with the overall look of their smile. Dentures are a great option for restoring both dental function and aesthetics. 

While full dentures are used for individuals who are missing all of their teeth, partial dentures are available to help those who are missing a large number of teeth but still have several healthy teeth remaining. At Astoria Dental Group, Dr. Clifford Degel and Dr. Carmen Every-Degel customize partial dentures to meet the unique needs of patients in Queens, NY, Long Island, NYC, and surrounding areas.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are a type of dental restoration designed to replace several missing teeth at once. Each partial denture is unique to the person wearing it, allowing these restorations to look natural and address the needs of the patient. 

Partial dentures can include any number of artificial teeth which are then attached to a plastic base. The plastic base is custom-fabricated so that it mimics the appearance of the gums in both texture and color. This base may have either metal or plastic clasps that fit around the remaining teeth to hold the partial denture in place. 

The Treatment Process for Partial Dentures

The treatment process for partial dentures begins with an examination of the remaining teeth to assess overall oral health. This is important as there needs to be healthy teeth in order for the partial dentures to be secured within the mouth. Any issues with the remaining teeth must be addressed to make sure that partial denture treatment is the right option for treating tooth loss. 

Once any decay, gum disease, dental damage, or other issues are treated and the remaining teeth are deemed healthy, a partial denture can be designed and fabricated to meet the unique needs and features of the patient. 

Design and Fabrication

The design process for partial dentures is important in addressing the unique needs of each patient including:

  • The number and placement of missing teeth
  • The color, shape, and size of missing teeth
  • The color and appearance of the gums
  • Facial structure

Digital impressions are made of the gums and remaining teeth. These impressions are then combined with the patient’s design specifications to create a partial denture that looks natural and feels comfortable.  

Why Choose Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures may be the right option for those who suffer from tooth loss but still have some healthy teeth remaining. Partial dentures can help these patients retain their healthy teeth while also restoring dental function. 

In addition to restoring missing teeth, partial dentures are easy to clean, affordable, non-invasive, and treatment is quick compared to other options like dental implants. 

With partial dentures, tooth loss sufferers can enjoy a restored smile and the confidence it brings.   

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