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Tips for Removing and Placing Invisalign Aligner Trays

If you have crooked teeth, the team at Astoria Dental Group may recommend Invisalign®. This invisible alternative to traditional braces is popular with so many of our adult and teenage patients throughout Queens, NY.

Dr. Clifford Degel and Dr. Carmen Every-Degel know that wearing Invisalign aligners is a different experience for many patients, and it can take some getting used to. Below is some advice on how to take off and put on the custom aligner trays.

Be Patient When Taking Off New Aligners

New Invisalign aligners are usually a bit more difficult to remove than aligners that you have been wearing for a few days. This is because your teeth have not year fully adjusted to the aligner, which can be extra tight at first. Be patient, and understand that waiting just an extra hour or so to remove an aligner could make things easier.

Remove Your Invisalign Aligner When Your Mouth Is Warm

If you try to remove your Invisalign aligners after taking a long sip of cold water, it can be more difficult than expected. Wait until your mouth is warm before attempting to remove your aligner trays. Again, patience is key.

Always Remove Your Aligner from the Back

It’s typically easier to remove an Invisalign aligner starting from the back of the mouth first and then working to the front. Start with the part of the aligner around the molars and lift the aligner along to the incisors. Be gentle, and avoiding wiggling it or using too much force. Start with just one side of the tray if that is easier.

Use a Paper Towel or Rubber Gloves for Grip

Getting a grip on your Invisalign aligners can be challenging. We recommend that our patients in the Queens area consider using a paper towel for grip. Rubber gloves can also be helpful for getting a good hold on the aligner as you take it out of your mouth.

Keep Your Aligner in a Container When It’s Out of Your Mouth

Once your aligner tray is removed, be sure to keep in in a safe container. Keep that container with you in a place you’ll remember so you can avoid losing track of it and needing to get a replacement aligner. If you’re just removing your aligner for a quick drink, be sure to keep the aligner nearby so you don’t lose it.

Rinse Your Aligners Before Putting Them Back In

After you finish eating or drinking, rinse your Invisalign aligner with cool, clean water before putting it back in your mouth. You may want to consider brushing your teeth and flossing before the aligner goes back on in order to keep your breath fresh and clean.

Put New Aligners on in the Evening

New Invisalign aligners can cause discomfort and soreness when they’re first put on. We recommend putting on new aligners at nighttime. This will allow you to wear the new aligner tray for several hours, and means you’ll sleep through the initial soreness of a new aligner tray as well.

Eat Soft Foods with New Aligners to Reduce Soreness

When you have a new aligner on, it can lead to soreness for quite some time. In order to reduce the soreness of a new Invisalign aligner, be sure to eat soft foods at first. Avoid crunchy, crispy, or tough foods for a few days until your mouth is accustomed to the new aligner.

Learn More About Invisalign

If you would like to learn more about Invisalign and your many other options for improving your dental alignment, be sure to contact Astoria Dental Group. Our practice can be reached in Queens at (718) 215-0510.

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