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Reduce Discomfort after Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are considered the gold standard in missing teeth treatment. Dental implants fuse with a patient’s jaw to provide superior support to dental restorations, including dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures.

Dental implants, which are tiny titanium screws, are put in place during an oral surgery procedure. The surgery carries minimal degree of risk and has an extremely high record of success. However, it does require a lengthy recovery period.

While our Queens, NY patients recover from dental implant surgery at Astoria Dental Group, they can expect to experience some degree of pain or discomfort. Here we offer some tips to reduce discomfort after dental implant surgery.

Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is essential after dental implant surgery. We recommend that patients plan to take it easy for the first 24 hours following their procedure. After the initial phase of recovery, patients can resume most of their usual activities, but exercise and other strenuous activities should be avoided. Exercise, bending, or heavy lifting could all lead to excess bleeding, increased swelling, and more severe discomfort.

Use Pain Medication as Needed

Pain medication, especially those that contain anti-inflammatories, can be very helpful after dental implant treatment. Patients can use over-the-counter pain medication as directed on the bottle, and as needed, to ease discomfort and reduce swelling.

To get on top of pain and make it easier to control discomfort, patients should take their first dose of pain medication before surgical anesthesia has worn off. If our Queens patients experience pain that cannot be controlled with over-the-counter medication, they can ask our dentists about increasing medication doses or getting a prescription medication.

Apply Cold Compresses

Cold compresses or icepacks are a great natural remedy for the swelling and discomfort that patients are likely to experience while they recover from dental implant surgery. Cold compresses should be wrapped in a light cloth and applied to the cheeks near the surgical site. For the most effective results, patients should apply compresses for about 20 minutes at a time every two to four hours.

Choose Soft Foods

While our Queens patients recover from dental implant surgery, they will need to make some changes to their diet. A liquid or pureed diet is usually recommended for the first two to three days after surgery. Beyond that, patients should stick with soft foods like mashed potatoes, smoothies, yogurt, and soup for at least the first week of recovery. Patients can begin to introduce more solid foods as their discomfort eases.

Keep Incision Sites Clean

If food particles or bacteria get into incision sites, inflammation and discomfort will likely increase and an infection may develop. To ease discomfort, minimize the risk of complications, and promote healing, patients must keep incision sites clean. The best way to do that is to continue to practice good oral hygiene habits. Until incisions have healed, patients should brush the teeth gently and avoid pushing or prodding directly at the surgical site. Patients can also gently rinse the mouth with warm salt water to keep the incision sites clean.

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Patients who have experienced tooth loss may be ideal candidates for dental implant treatment at Astoria Dental Group. If you’d like to learn more about dental implant surgery and the recovery process, contact us at your earliest convenience. You can also call (718) 215-0510 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists.

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