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Gaps and Spaces: The Causes of Tooth Loss

Missing teeth can cause a whole host of health and cosmetic problems. That’s why the team here at Astoria Dental Group is here. We have helped countless patients here in Queens have beautiful smiles, using the latest general dentistry services as well as cosmetic and restorative procedures.

Right now we’d like to take a moment to consider some of the causes of tooth loss and offer some pointers on what you can do to keep your smile full and healthy for years to come.

Major Cavities and Decay

If you suffer from major cavities and tooth decay, you are more likely to experience tooth loss. Cavities can weaken teeth, making them more likely to chip, crack, break, or simply just fall out. This is why brushing and chewing are so important to consider.

Periodontal Disease

The oral bacteria in the mouth can cause an infection of the gums known as periodontal disease. There are three stages of gum disease: gingivitis, periodontitis, advanced periodontitis. At advanced levels of gum disease, teeth may become loose and shift position, eventually falling out as a result.

Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs when the gum tissue reveals more of the root structure of a tooth, This makes the tooth more likely to experience tooth decay below the gumline, which can lead to tooth loss. Gum recession also occurs in later stages of tooth decay.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

The wisdom teeth are extra sets of molars that come into place during a person’s late teens and early twenties. These teeth are often superfluous, and if they come in crooked, they can be the source of serious pain and discomfort. They can be removed with a routine oral surgery.

Serious Root Canal Infections

When oral bacteria reaches the inner chamber of a tooth when the dental pulp is located, this can lead to a root canal infection. Serious root canal infections can be quite painful, and when the tooth cannot be saved, the best option to alleviate pain is to extract the infected tooth.

Vehicular Accident and Collisions

Major head and facial trauma can result in tooth loss, especially if you sustain a blow to the mouth. When you can, be sure to wear proper face and head protection, and to use safety restraints as you are on the road.

Contact and Combat Sports

Contact sports and combat sports can both result in tooth loss if you sustain a major blow to the face, body, or head. Some types of sports to be wary of include football, hockey, mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, and wrestling. Be sure to wear a helmet and a mouth guard when playing these sports.

Major Slips and Falls

If you suffer a major slip or fall and land head or face first, the trauma you sustain can be so severe that it damages a tooth. Sometimes it’s possible to lose a tooth from these kinds of accidents.

Serious Workplace Injuries

People who work in construction or at industrial sites of various kinds may be at risk of losing a tooth during a work injury. This is why wearing proper face and head protection is so crucial in these jobs.

Physical Altercations and Fights

Those harmed in a fight can lose a tooth if they sustain a blow to the head or face. Sometimes facial and dental injuries can be very severe in these cases.

Injuries While Biting and Chewing

It’s possible to experience a severe dental injury while biting and chewing. If you bite hard into a bone or an unpopped kernel of popcorn, it’s possible to damage a tooth so badly that it falls out or needs to be removed.

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