Family Dentistry Services By Dr. Degel on November 14, 2013

Family Dentistry - Comprehensive Dental Care TreatmentsThere are many different ways that a dentist can help his or her patients. The important thing is that the dentist consider the needs of the patient as well as the health concerns of that patient's age group. Indeed, the age of the patient can determine what needs to be done and when, especially in younger patients.

This is all a part of family dental care, which is something we are happy to offer at our cosmetic dentistry center. Many people take for granted this service, but we wanted to highlight it right now so you understand what it entails and why it's important to consider.

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is just what it sounds like: it's dental care for the whole family. This means that the dentist or dentists at a single practice have the know-how to treat very young patients as well as elderly patients.

Why Family Dental Care Is Important

While some people do take their children to a separate dental care facility specifically for them, visiting a single practice that offers family dental care services can be a major savings on time and transportation. More importantly, this is a great way for your family to partner with a practice and have a solid, trusting relationship over time. The importance of this can't be overstated. Good dentistry takes place in offices where you feel comfortable and have a rapport with the team.

We'd like to turn our attention now to the different dental health concerns that patients in different age groups are likely to face.

Family Dental Care Treatment - Babies and Toddlers

Patients this young may not have all their baby teeth in yet, but there's plenty that dentists and parents can do to make sure these young kids are on their way to a solid future.

Family Dental Care Treatment - K-6 Children/Adolescents

In this stage of life, many patients will lose their baby teeth and start getting their permanent teeth. General dentistry is common at this phase, and a number of important treatment solutions can be implemented here as well, such as orthodontic care.

Family Dental Care Treatment - Teenagers

Teens are in a transitional phase of maturity, so many of their dental health concerns are an intermediary between childhood and full-fledged adulthood. General care and orthodontics are common at this point, and dentists will also monitor progress and development of these patients' wisdom teeth.

Family Dental Care Treatment - Adults

With all their permanent teeth in, the main concern for adults is preservation and restoration. Many common treatments are used at this point, including dental crowns, cosmetic care, and root canal therapy.

Family Dental Care Treatment - Senior Citizens

In our later years, the main concern in terms of dental health is reconstruction and restoration. Patients who've experienced tooth loss, for instance, can receive dentures and bridges to improve overall health and appearance.

Learn More About Comprehensive Family Dental Care

If you are interested in finding a great dentistry practice that can help your entire family from childhood into the golden years, be sure to contact our Astoria, Queens family dental care practice today. Our entire team looks forward to discussing these issues with you in greater detail and ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about dental wellness.

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