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What is Computer Smile Imaging?

Technology has truly been on the side of dental care over the years. For example, new advances in diagnostic tools have allowed dental health professionals to provide much more efficient and effective care. Similarly, new advances in materials and our understanding of them have allowed cosmetic dentists to achieve excellent aesthetic and functional results in the treatment suite. Whether it’s digital technology, lasers, or new approaches to care, we love how cutting-edge technology is fundamentally improving the lives of patients.

One particular case in which dental technology is making things better is the use of computers to help predict and define optimal results in cosmetic dentistry. This is known as computer smile imaging. Let’s look into computer smile imaging in a little more detail so that you understand how it works and why it may be just right for you.

What exactly is computer smile imaging?

Computer smile imaging refers to the use of computer software to show patients what their dental treatment will look like before it’s actually completed. Think of it as predictive before and after pictures. Our dentists in Astoria have used this with countless patients so that they understand just what kinds of results can be achieved through the use of various dental treatments.

How does computer smile imaging work?

The first step involves taking digital photos and digital scans of the patient’s smile. This data is fed into our computers. These images can then be analyzed and altered as a means of showing the potential results of a treatment, whether it’s simply the use of dental bonding or an involved smile makeover.

How accurate is computer smile imaging?

You might be surprised how accurate the computer imaging is. Many patients at our dental care center have achieved real-life results that are comparable to the predictive results as seen through computer smile imaging.

Practical Applications for Computer Smile Imaging

Say you have a few teeth that are chipped or crooked and are interested in receiving porcelain veneers to address this problem. Using computer smile imaging, we can show you the results of the porcelain veneers treatment with a high degree of accuracy. We can also provide accurate predictions of what dental bonding treatment will look like as well as other alternatives.

When it comes to involved smile makeover treatments or full mouth reconstructions, computer imaging is especially important. These involved therapies can be a major investment, so seeing the potential results before treatment begins helps many patients make smart decisions about their dental health options.

What else should I know?

More than anything, patients should know that computer imaging is a tool that helps them. It’s meant to instill positive feelings about the treatment they’d like to undergo. By giving patients confidence about their dental health choices in an accurate way, we feel that we serve each patient’s interests and allow them to realize their dreams. Computer imaging for smile designs really is that great.

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