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Pediatric Dentistry Services

The Long Island pediatric dentistry experts at Astoria Dental Group are known for the special care they take when it comes to children’s dentistry needs. Pediatric dentistry requires not only the expertise and finesse of a skilled dentist, but also a special attention to the comfort of children who may have some fear of the dentist or are visiting the dentist for the first time.

The Long Island cosmetic dentists at Astoria Dental Group treat dental issues for primary and permanent teeth and convey the knowledge that each young patient needs as they grow and learn dental hygiene for a healthy, happy smile.

Educating Pediatric Patients

The dentists of Astoria Dental Group focus on educating children to maintain their smiles at home with regular dental hygiene practices, to notice signs and symptoms of potential problems with their teeth, and to maintain regular visits to a Long Island restorative dentistry practice.

Part of the pediatric dentistry process is educating young patients’ parents on best practices and techniques for helping their children learn accountability and pride in their smiles. Dentists encourage parents to participate in their children’s dentistry education and help show them the value of good dental hygiene. The dentists of Astoria Dental Group teach the importance of brushing, flossing, and rinsing, and how to best deal with the loss of primary teeth and growth of permanent teeth, which is an important physical development in each patient’s life.

Caring for Primary Teeth

Although primary, or “baby,” teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced, these teeth are key in the development of a straight, healthy smile and in teaching lifelong at-home dental hygiene procedures. The pediatric dentists of Astoria Dental Group explain the function of primary teeth and the process of their eventual loss to help children prepare for this important transition.

The proper maintenance of primary teeth is important not only because it helps children learn how to maintain their smiles, but primary teeth serve their own important functions. Primary teeth help children develop speech, biting and chewing functions, and also maintain the proper spacing that permanent teeth will eventually require as they grow in.

Children should be seen by a dentist when their first primary teeth begin to emerge, both for education and to monitor that the teeth for cavities or any other problems that can occur with permanent teeth.

Lifetime Care Services

The expert dentists and staff at Astoria Dental Group are proud to offer the following pediatric dentistry services:

  • Education on proper flossing, brushing, and rinsing techniques
  • Education on recognizing potential dental issues
  • Education for parents and children about bad habits that can affect the proper growth and bite pattern of teeth, including thumb-sucking and pacifier use, as well as techniques for weaning off those habits
  • Treatment for cavities
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Treatment and recommendations for physical deformities of the mouth and jaw, including cleft palate and other afflictions
  • Care and assistance with the loss of primary teeth and evaluation of permanent teeth as they grow.

The dentists at Astoria Dental Group also offer cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures for children and adults. For more information on the full range of services they offer, and to speak with a member of the practiced team, contact Astoria Dental Group today for a confidential and informative consultation.

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