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Benefits of the Prettau® Implant Bridge

Missing teeth are a dental problem that should be treated as soon as possible. While many patients are eager to replace missing teeth in order to restore the aesthetics of the smile, they may not be aware of the oral health benefits of replacing missing teeth. Gaps in the teeth can lead to deterioration of the jaw bone as well as compromise the health and alignment of surrounding teeth. So while it is clear that it is important to replace missing teeth, the ideal replacement may not be as clear. There are many treatment options to consider when it comes to dental restorations. Long Island cosmetic dentists Clifford Degel and Carmen Every-Degel believe that the best option for replacing missing teeth is the Prettau® Implant Bridge. For patients in Long Island, the Prettau® Implant Bridge offers benefits superior to many other dental restoration options.

The Prettau® Implant Bridge is the latest development in implant dentistry. This treatment takes advantage of the latest technology to offer patients an implant option that provides improved form, function, and aesthetics. For patients in Long Island, dental implants will be required to anchor the Prettau® Implant Bridge. The Prettau® Implant Bridge is built for full-jaw implants and, once it has been placed by Dr. Degel, it is not removable by the patient, making it the most secure replacement teeth option. Additionally, it is fabricated out of zirconia, meaning it is free of acrylic and metals. In addition to these features, the Prettau® Implant Bridge offers patients the following benefits, which are unique to this treatment option:

  • Because the Prettau® Implant Bridge is fabricated of 100 percent biodegradable zirconia, it is free of metal and, therefore, a good treatment option for patients who are allergic to or have had adverse reactions to metal restorations.
  • Zirconia is also the strongest restoration material available, meaning there is no need to fear that the bridge will chip or crack.
  • Using a computer-generated model, the Prettau® Implant Bridge will be custom-fit to form precisely to each patient’s jaw.
  • The Prettau® Implant Bridge can also be completely customized to match the color of the patient’s gums and the patient’s preferred shade of white for the teeth.
  • The Prettau® Implant Bridge looks completely natural, making it indistinguishable from the patient’s natural teeth.
  • The durability of dental implants, along with the unmatched strength of zirconia, combine to make the Prettau® Implant Bridge the longest lasting dental restoration available.

And on top of all of this, replacing missing teeth will drastically improve a patient’s ability to chew, eat, and speak comfortably as well as reduce the risk of other oral health complications.

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Patients whose oral health and aesthetics have been compromised by missing teeth can count on the husband-and-wife dental team of Dr. Clifford Degel and Dr. Carmen Every-Degel to restore the health function, and beauty of the teeth. Patients that would like to learn more about the Prettau® Implant Bridge or any of the many other restorative dental treatments available, can schedule an appointment at Astoria Dental Group of Long Island at their earliest convenience.

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