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Common Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Teenagers

The last thing on most teenagers’ minds is dental health; for this reason, it is crucial to reinforce the importance of good dental habits at an early age. Although visiting the dentist is essential to good oral hygiene, there are plenty of things teenagers can do at home to ensure their continued dental health:

  • Brushing their teeth twice a day
  • Flossing once a day
  • Not drinking excessive amounts of soda and juice
  • Eating a healthy diet

Common Dental Problems among Teens: Cavities

The most common, yet preventable, dental problem among teens is cavities. Cavities occur when bacteria, food particles, acids, and other debris combine to create plaque, which, if left untreated, can lead to the erosion of the enamel and eventually of the actual tooth structure. The most effective way to treat cavities is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. By visiting the dentist twice a year for routine check-ups, cleanings to remove plaque build-up, and periodontal screenings, teenagers can increase their chances of experiencing a lifetime of good oral health.

However, if cavities have begun to develop, our Queens cosmetic dentist can treat them in their earliest possible stages, removing areas of decay and protecting the remaining tooth structure from further damage. Modern dentistry offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing solutions to decay, including tooth-colored fillings and ceramic inlays and onlays. Since most teenagers are already self-conscious about their appearance, these treatments are particularly attractive as they promote improved oral health without compromising the beauty of the smile.

An Aesthetic Solution to Orthodontic Problems: Invisalign®

The other most common dental problem among teens involves issues of misalignment. Many teens suffer from incorrect bites, tooth crowding, gaps between teeth, and other orthodontic problems. In the past, the only sure way to correct such problems was through the use of metal braces. While effective, these traditional braces were also highly conspicuous, with their metal brackets and wires. They could also be quite painful and cumbersome, and wearers were restricted in terms of the foods they could eat and activities they could participate in.

Fortunately, advances in dental technology have resulted in a cosmetic solution to age-old orthodontic problems. The Invisalign® system allows for teenagers to straighten their teeth more discreetly and inconspicuously than ever. Through a series of custom-crafted, virtually invisible aligners, teeth are gently and gradually guided into their optimal positions over a period of time comparable to that associated with traditional orthodontic treatment. Every two weeks or so, one aligner is switched out for the next in the series until treatment is complete.

Our Queens Invisalign® patients find that the advantages of treatment are more than simply cosmetic. Because the aligners can be removed for up to two hours a day, patients can eat foods that wearers of traditional braces are forbidden to eat, such as popcorn, apples, and other crunchy foods. Even more importantly, the aligners can be removed for brushing and flossing, making good oral hygiene easier to maintain.

Of course, most teenagers will simply be thankful that they can continue to flash their beautiful, youthful smiles without calling attention to the fact that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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