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Common Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Too discoloration is a common problem that many people face, which is why we offer so many different options for treatment here at our Queens cosmetic dentistry. The entire team here at Astoria Dental Group would like to look at the most common causes of tooth discoloration right now so you have an understanding of what it is and how it can be treated.

About Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration, when a tooth becomes any color other its natural white or yellowish-white, has many causes. A variety of factors can affect the enamel of the tooth or the dentin beneath the enamel, causing changes in color. In many cases, good oral hygiene can regular visits to an Astoria cosmetic dentist can prevent discoloration.

Food and Tooth Discoloration

Certain foods and beverages can stain the enamel of the teeth, such as coffee, wine, cola, and tea. Certain fruits and vegetables can also discolor your teeth.

Tobacco and Stained Teeth

Smoking and using chewing tobacco can discolor your enamel.

Oral Hygiene Concerns

Poor oral hygiene, especially the failure to adequately floss and brush away food and liquids on a regular basis, can lead to stained teeth. That’s why it’s so important to visit our Astoria cosmetic dentistry center for your regular checkups.

Age and Gradual Tooth Discoloration

As you age your dentin naturally yellows. Your enamel also wears thin over time, allowing the dentin to show through. This can cause your teeth to take on a more yellowish color.

Excessive Fluoride and Dental Stains

Excessive fluoride in the environment, such as fluoride in water, can stain teeth, as well as the overuse of toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain fluoride.

Medication and Tooth Discoloration

The use of tetracycline before the age of 8 can cause tooth discoloration. Certain antihistamines, antipsychotic drugs, and blood pressure drugs also may discolor teeth.

Genetics and the Color of Your Teeth

Genetic defects and diseases may cause tooth discoloration, though these are rare. Your genes also help determine how thick and bright your tooth enamel is, which affects the color of your teeth.

Trauma and Disease

Trauma and certain diseases occasionally cause tooth discoloration, though this is less common. Trauma, such as a fall, during the development of tooth enamel can affect tooth coloration in children and sometimes in adults as well. Treatments such as chemotherapy directed to the neck and head can also cause tooth discoloration. Certain infections in mothers during pregnancy can affect tooth coloration in children, as well.

Prevention of Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration can often be prevented by good oral hygiene habits, such as flossing daily and brushing your teeth after meals. Getting your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist every six months can help prevent stained teeth. Cutting back on the use of tobacco products and beverages that stain teeth, such as coffee, or quitting altogether, can help avoid tooth discoloration.

Treatment Options to Consider

Speak to your dentist about other Queens teeth whitening options. These include bondings, veneers, and teeth whitening procedures. If you notice that your teeth are discolored without explanation, talk to your dentist.

Schedule a Consultation for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

If you would like more information about your options for teeth whitening and aesthetic enhancement, be sure to contact our Astoria, Queens cosmetic dentistry center today. The entire team here looks forward to hearing from you.

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