The BriteSmile® Teeth Whitening Procedure By Dr. Degel on December 17, 2010

It’s obvious to everyone, but the brighter and whiter your smile is, the more appealing it is to others. When you have discolored teeth or any sorts of stains on the teeth, the one thing that you’ll want is to undergo some kind of dental bleaching treatment. For that reason, many people visit our New York City cosmetic dentist in order to enhance their smiles.

There are many different causes for tooth discoloration. Among the most common causes that many of us come into contact with regularly are certain beverages. Coffee, tea, red wine, and colas will all stain teeth to some degree. Another common cause of tooth discoloration is the use of tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco and cigarettes. In general, everyone will experience some degree of tooth discoloration due to the natural aging process.

There are many different New York City teeth whitening systems that are available, but one of the more effective treatments for in-office whitening is the BriteSmile® teeth whitening system. BriteSmile® teeth whitening first involves the application of a whitening gel to the teeth. The whitening gel is then exposed to a special gas plasma light that activates the whitening properties of the gel. This safe and effective treatment can lighten your smile by nine shades in just a single office visit.

In addition to the in-office BriteSmile® teeth whitening option, we offer a take-home BriteSmile® teeth whitening system. This is a special tray system for teeth whitening that patients can use in the comfort of their own home. While this take-home teeth whitening system is not as effective as in-office teeth whitening, it can still lighten a smile by six shades in just a few weeks.

To learn more about your options for teeth whitening other major cosmetic dentistry matters, be sure to contact our Astoria cosmetic dentistry office to schedule a consultation.

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