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Running is my Happy Hour!

Dear family and friends,

Just wanted to let you know that I have signed up with MMRF to run both the NYC Half Marathon on Sunday March21 and the Full Marathon on Sunday nov 7.I had such a wonderful experience and MMRF has been such a great organization,their research has not only helped Multiple Myeloma but 19 other cancers are benefiting from it as well.
I just ran the Miami Half this past weekend wearing my MMRF shirt proudly.I ran a 1:53:45 in 93% humidity. Talk about sweat pouring down and your not even at mile 1.The misty rain at mile 9 was just a tease,it did not keep up and didn’t cool us off for long.But it was all great and getting ready for the next one in 6 weeks.
Hope you can support me again.A dollar a mile would help.If you want to contribute with cash or checks please contact me and we can make arragements for this as well. Thanks again.

Carmen-Louise Every-Degel
A proud member of the NYC MMRF team on March 21,2010 (Half) and Nov 7th,2010 (Full) Please checkout my fundraising page at http://www.active.com/donate/2010NYCMarathon/clruns2

Running is my Happy Hour!

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