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Mouth Guards Offer Protection for Athletes

At Astoria Dental Group, our dentists offer a comprehensive range of general dentistry services that are meant to preserve a patient’s oral health. In the case of our patients who are athletes, we offer mouth guards to protect the mouth in case a sports accident or injury occurs. A mouth guard can greatly reduce the risk of a serious injury to the teeth or other soft tissues of the mouth if an accident does occur. Mouth guards for athletes are custom-fit to provide superior comfort and protection. To reap the benefits of an athletic mouth guard, we recommend that they be worn during all athletic activities that could result in a fall or injury. To learn more about mouth guards for athletes, contact our Queens practice today.

Benefits of Mouth Guards

Accidents and injuries that can cause damage to the teeth, cheeks, tongue, or other soft tissues of the mouth are a risk of many recreational and athletic activities. Because of the risks associated with these activities, it is recommended that athletes wear protective mouth gear when participating in contact sports or other athletic activities that may result in falls or accidents. Mouth guards are advantageous to athletes and can provide them with the following benefits:

  • Mouth guards help to distribute the force of a blow, fall, or other facial injury
  • Mouth guards reduce the number of injuries to the teeth and soft tissues
  • Mouth guards can reduce the severity of oral injuries
  • Some studies suggest that mouth guards can lower the risk of a concussion following a blow

Importance of Fit

Having a mouth guard in place can be extremely beneficial to patients, but the key to getting the best protection from a mouth guard is ensuring that it fits properly. If a mouth guard fits poorly, it may not cover all of the teeth or protect the soft tissues of the mouth. Additionally, an ill-fitted mouth guard may fall out of place, in which case the mouth will be left completely unprotected. There are many over-the-counter mouth guards that can be shaped once they are bought to better fit the athlete’s mouth. However, to guarantee a close and comfortable fit, a custom mouth guard is a patient’s best bet.

Our dentists can provide patients with custom-fit dental mouth guards that can be worn comfortably during all athletic events. These mouth guards are fabricated using molds of the patient’s teeth and gums. This gives each athlete a protective mouthpiece that is customized to the unique measurements of his or her mouth. Not only will these mouth guards fit more comfortably, but they will be more likely to stay in place and provide patients with consistent protection against injuries from a fall or blow.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are an athlete or have a loved one who participates in sports, schedule an appointment to learn more about our custom-fit mouth guards. These mouth guards offer a layer of protection to prevent or reduce the severity of oral injuries. We look forward to providing you with the protection you need to keep your mouth safe during these athletic activities.

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