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Tooth decay is obviously a major problem that must be dealt with in order to maintain the health and appearance of your smile. There is another dental problem that needs to be considered as well, and that is tooth erosion. At our Queens cosmetic dentistry here in Astoria, we make sure that patients who come in are not experiencing tooth erosion of any kind and hope to communicate to them some preventative measures for exceptional dental health.

About Tooth Erosion

Also known as acid erosion and dental erosion, tooth erosion occurs when acidic substances wear away tooth structure. This is different from traditional tooth decay, which is caused by bacteria within the mouth. Our cosmetic dentists in Queens can identify the difference between the two and can develop the right treatment plan to meet a patient’s needs.

Causes of Tooth Erosion in General

The primary cause of tooth erosion has to do with the pH level in the mouth. When the mouth is more acidic than basic, tooth erosion is more likely to occur. Generally this means a pH level lover than 5.7. When the tooth erosion is extremely severe, a dental restoration such as Queens dental crowns will be needed to improve dental health.

Foods and Beverages That Cause Tooth Erosion

Many different foods and beverages can cause tooth erosion, including:

· Coffee

· Beer

· Orange juice

· Vinegar

· Carbonated beverages

· Citrus juices

· Apple juice

In order to prevent tooth erosion, it’s a good idea to drink potentially acidic substances with a straw and to drink water to help remove acidic substances from the teeth. Water will also improve moisture in the mouth, which is important since saliva helps protect the teeth from acidic substances. In general, you want to consume the above with moderation and good common sense.

Other Things That Cause Tooth Erosion

In addition to foods and beverages, there are other substances that can cause tooth erosion. Bile and other digestive liquids can cause teeth to erode, which is why bulemics often suffer from tooth erosion. Use of meth can also cause a combination of tooth decay and tooth erosion. Meth can dry out the mouth and the smoke from the meth is made of caustic chemicals that harm the teeth.

Dealing With the Effects of Tooth Erosion

If there has also been damage to the teeth due to tooth erosion, it’s important to undergo restorative dentistry treatments in order to rebuild lost tooth structure and improve the overall health of the mouth. Various dental treatments can be combined in order to perform a full smile makeover.

Learn More About Cosmetic and Restorative Dental Care

If you would like to learn more about tooth erosion and how it can be best treated, be sure to contact our cosmetic dentistry practice serving New York City today. The entire team at our practice looks forward to discussing your treatment options with you in greater detail.

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