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Beautiful, Lifelike Prettau Anterior Restorations

Many of our patients are familiar with the Prettau® Bridge full arch restoration. This revolutionary product is the strongest and most natural-looking implant-supported denture available for restorative patients. Now this advanced material is available for single-tooth crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays specifically designed to blend indistinguishably with your front teeth. Prettau® Anterior restorations placed at our Queens dental practice have the power to restore and beautify your smile, no matter the extent of your tooth loss. If you are missing teeth and would like to learn more about the benefits of Prettau® Anterior, please contact our office to make an appointment with Dr. Clifford Degel or Dr. Carmen Every-Degel.

Close up of dental crowns

Prettau Anterior is designed specifically for the front teeth.

Strength and Durability

Prettau® Anterior restorations are made from zirconia, which is much stronger than other restorative materials. Crowns, bridges, and dentures made from Prettau® zirconia will not break, chip, crack, or stain over time. With proper care, Prettau® Anterior restorations can last for years longer than dental prosthetics made from other materials. Prettau® zirconia is also non-porous, which means that it will not be abrasive to the natural teeth in your mouth. This is especially important for dental bridges that are anchored by surrounding teeth. Other types of restorations can be abrasive and wear down your natural teeth over time, impacting your appearance and oral health. 

A Natural Appearance

Prettau® Anterior is a polychromatic (multi-colored) material, just like your natural teeth. The skilled technicians can precisely match the colors of the restoration to the shades of your natural teeth for a seamless integration into your smile. Prettau® zirconia restorations reflect light in much the same way that your natural enamel does, meaning they will be virtually indistinguishable from other teeth once they are placed. Compared to dental restorations made from other materials, nothing comes close to the lifelike appearance of Prettau® zirconia.


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A Customized Dental Experience

When you come into our office for your initial consultation with one of our doctors, we will perform a thorough examination of your mouth and determine your candidacy for a Prettau® Anterior restoration. We will take 3-D images of your mouth that will give us a detailed visualization. This information will be used to determine your treatment plan and design your customized restoration. This also provides us with a clear picture of the underlying bone structure, an important tool if you are receiving dental implants. Whether you receive crowns, bridges, inlays, or onlays, your restoration will be customized to fit comfortably within your bite and complement your appearance. 

Make a Prettau® Anterior Appointment

The team at Astoria Dental Group has been providing an excellent standard of care to our patients for years. Our doctors have more experience working with Prettau® restorations than anyone in the area. We offer many different financing options to make the cost of Prettau® anterior affordable on any budget and will work with you to find a payment plan that you are comfortable with. If you need to replace or repair missing or damaged teeth and would like to learn more about restorations made from this revolutionary material, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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