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Root Canal

While root canal infections have a reputation for intense pain, they sometimes drop a few hints first about what's coming.

Either way, treatment is necessary to avoid tooth loss and prevent infection from damaging other teeth or spreading throughout your body.

Astoria Dental Group in Queens, NY, can provide virtually painless root canal treatment and custom crowns in one appointment.

Are You in Pain? Virtually Painless Root Canals

Root canal infections are known for excruciating pain. If you are suffering, call Astoria Dental Group in Queens, NY, so that we can schedule an appointment as soon as possible to stop the pain.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

The classic symptom indicating that you need root canal treatment is excruciating pain. But you can also have an infection without any pain at all. Here are some warning signs that should prompt you to schedule a consultation to avoid complications:

  • Pain when eating or when pressure is put on a tooth
  • Lingering sensitivity to hot or cold
  • A pimple on the gums
  • Swollen, tender gums
  • A tooth that turns dark

Endodontic Treatment to Save a Tooth

Dr. Clifford Degel or Dr. Carmen Every-Degel will first remove the pulp and then carefully disinfect the tooth interior. After shaping the root canals (the inner part of the tooth roots), the emptied tooth will be filled and sealed. In most cases, we recommend placing a crown on the tooth to strengthen it and restore its shape.

The dentists at Astoria Dental Group in Queens, NY, use rotary files for all their endodontics work. Rotary files are more flexible and can be inserted into curved root canals without damaging them, so treatment is more comfortable for root canal patients.

How Does a Root Canal Infection Start?

There are several paths that allow bacteria to infect the pulp and blood vessels inside a tooth:

  • Deep decay from an untreated cavity
  • Multiple dental procedures on a tooth
  • A chip or crack in the tooth
  • A blow to the tooth, even if it doesn't crack

Don't Delay Treatment for a Root Canal Request a Consultation

A root canal infection won't go away on its own. You need endodontic treatment to eliminate the infection and keep it from spreading.

The dentists at Astoria Dental Group in Queens, NY, have advanced digital imaging systems that will first confirm whether you need root canal therapy. Then, using tools employed by endodontists, one of our highly trained dentists can treat your tooth using a virtually painless procedure, restoring your oral health.

Astoria Dental Group has the added benefit of an onsite lab, which allows us to design and place a protective crown after a root canal, often during the same appointment. Practices who lack our same-day crown technology are forced to place a temporary crown on the tooth and ask you to return weeks later to complete treatment.

Have a question? Leave us a message online. If you suspect you need root canal therapy, call to request a consultation:

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A Root Canal Patient's Testimonial

Find out for yourself why so many patients trust us to provide their dental work.

Why Choose Our Practice in Queens?

Virtually Painless Root Canals

Patient comfort is central to our dentistry practice. Just like an endodontist, Astoria Dental Group uses sophisticated technology to make root canal treatment accurate, comfortable, and efficient.

Complete Treatment in 1 Day

We offer patients the convenience of same-day crowns. Many of our patients won't need to make a return visit to complete their root canal treatment or hassle with a temporary crown.

30+ Years of Experience

Drs. Degel and Every-Degel have been a fixture in Queens since 1991. They offer state-of-the-art treatment for general, implant, and cosmetic dentistry in a friendly neighborhood setting.

A Noted Dentist

Dr. Degel has been featured in Vogue in an issue celebrating top providers in the Tri-State Area, and belongs to prestigious dental groups, including the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Treatment Timeline for Root Canals

Our endodontic techniques make root canals no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled.

Day of Procedure

Our endodontic techniques make root canals no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled.


Either Dr. Degel or Dr. Every-Degel will examine your tooth to verify that a root canal is necessary.

Preparing for Treatment

Your comfort comes first. Our dentist will first carefully numb the area. If you need more than local anesthesia, we offer both oral conscious and IV sedation. For our IV patients, we have a board-certified anesthesiologist carefully monitor you throughout treatment.

Accessing the Root Canals

Your dentist will carefully create a small opening in the crown of the infected tooth (the portion above the gumline) so the diseased pulp can be removed.

Removing Infected Pulp

Just like an endodontist, our dentists use rotary files and other advanced tools to remove the diseased pulp (the blood vessels and nerves within the tooth). Your dentist will also carefully shape the interior of the tooth and disinfect it.

Filling and Sealing the Root Canals

The disinfected root canals will be filled with a rubber-like dental material. If needed, posts will be inserted into the canals to reinforce and stabilize the tooth. The access point will then be sealed shut.

Restoring the Tooth

In most cases, a dental crown is placed on the treated tooth to strengthen it and restore its original shape. Because we have an onsite lab, we can often do this final step on the same day as your root canal treatment.

Is a Tooth Bothering You?

We welcome patients from throughout Queens, Long Island, and NYC

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Michelle Linnen


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I've visited both Dr Every and Dr Degel and have had great experiences with both, with extensive work being done- extraction, implants, bridge, veneers, Invisalign, crowns, root canals and the basic cavities. The assistants are very helpful, staff is competent and friendly, the dental hygienist does a great job and I've never had to wait.

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Paul Loftus


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What can I say ! The staff were amazing and very professional and doctor Degel was did an outstanding job on my implants and everything else , I have a slight fear of dentist but the doctor kept me at ease and did an amazing job with little or no pain . The implants have changed my life

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Doctors Carmen Every-Degel and Clifford Degel

Astoria Dental Group

Our doctors are widely recognized for their contributions to the field of dentistry. They are members of various prestigious organizations, including: 

  • Academy of General Dentistry 
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry 
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists 
  • American Dental Association

If you are ready to transform your smile with Astoria Dental Group, request a consultation online or call us in Queens at (718) 278-1123.


“The office staff, as always were polite, friendly, and professional. The hygenist was professional and did a great job with my cleaning. Thank you very much!” Michael M.

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